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Structural Deformation Monitoring

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Deformation and movement monitoring surveys are becoming ever more essential as the stability of aging infrastructures and structures are at stake from any stresses induced by applied loads such as construction projects or by land and structural stability issues. 
Deformation can also apply to new builds where there are tolerances on new floors specified in the contract.

Types of Surveys

  • Land and structural stability surveys - including structural deformation or movement and subsidence. 
  • Building sites under load - such as ground compaction measurements. 
  • Industrial measurement surveys - such as machinery and buildings. 
  • Large floor level surveys of supermarkets and retail outlets.
  • Precise Levelling - for small movements not necessarily obvious to the human eye. 
  • Crack monitoring

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What we offer

Provision of extensive advice and direction on deformation monitoring to ensure the right type of survey is undertaken.

  • Precise real-time surveys measuring to 0.1 millimeter accuracy, reporting precise movements in any structure.
  • On-site or remote surveys dependent on structure stability and requirements.
  • Surveying over minutes, hours, days or months.


BKGEO’s services will provide an exceptional level of service regarding deformation monitoring to you by:

 Project managing your requirements and specifications, and tailoring services to your individual needs.

  • Answering any questions or queries you may have.
  • Communicating with you every step of the way.
  • Providing a cost-effective service.